Quantify and Mitigate Theatrical Risk

Based on novel research conducted at Harvard University, our proprietary data analytics platform is built by a team of data scientists and former film industry players.

Our suite of models analyzes millions of data points to provide box office forecasts up to two years before release, as well as granular marketing recommendations based on audience demographics and brand preferences. You can read weekly forecasts and more at our data science blog, or enter your email below to download our white paper.


Technology and Services

Prophet: Entertainment Forecast Intelligence

Prophet utilizes an ensemble of machine learning models to forecast domestic and international box office revenue. Prophet forecasts are on average 70% accurate from 2 years out, across a training set of 3000 films spanning all genres and budgets. Prophet realizes over 80% accuracy once a trailer has been released.

Sentinel: Audience Relationship Management

Sentinel parses millions of data points across social media platforms and analyzes time-series data of film popularity and audience sentiment. Through hypothesis-driven digital marketing, Sentinel quantifies P&A efficiency by directly targeting optimal audience members based on neighborhoods of taste and synergistic brand associations.

Managed Reporting Service

Receive up-to-date insights from Prophet and Sentinel on a weekly basis in your inbox. Pilot analysts crunch the numbers and you receive immediately actionable forecasts.


Need custom analytics like release date optimization? Based on your unique needs, Pilot can create a custom SaaS deployment linked to our cloud-based machine learning API.


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